Tornado Watch SA
Not just a strong wind.


As we do not have the advanced warning systems in place which the US have, I have decided to write a manual for South Africans containing information on tornadoes so that we can educate ourselves on the signs and safety advise to help us and our loved ones to stay save in the event 
of a tornado.

South Africa witnesses several supercell thunderstorms each year with the inclusion of isolated tornadoes. On most occasions these tornadoes occur in open farmlands and rarely cause damage to property, as such many of the tornadoes which do occur in South Africa are not reported. The majority of supercells develop in the central, northern, and north eastern parts of the country. The Free State, Gauteng, and Kwa Zulu Natal are typically the provinces where these storms are most commonly experienced, though supercell activity is most certainly not limited to these provinces. On occasion, hail reaches sizes in excess of golf balls, and tornadoes, though rare, also occur. As we all should know by now, our weather has changed and tornadoes are not only in the US anymore, but in South Africa as well. I am an EF4 tornado survivor and over the years tornadoes in South Africa has increased yearly.


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